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5 HTM Master’s Lessons You Will Use for the Rest of Your Life

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December 9, 2016

By: Trisha Hall Blake

A master’s program should be much more than a pursuit of a diploma or a bridge to a great job. Unlike many other master’s degrees, the master’s in Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM) from San Diego State University goes beyond lectures and readings to instill lifelong habits for success. If you’re unsure of whether the HTM Master’s Program is a worthwhile investment, consider the following skills and perspectives you’ll gain:

1. Time Management

It takes precise, proactive time management to complete the HTM Master’s Program while keeping up with your job and personal life. With the exception of the first and last week, the 18-month program is delivered online, which gives you some much-needed freedom to complete the work on your own time. The curriculum is challenging enough to hold you to deadlines but flexible enough for you to develop your own method for managing your time effectively. In a distracting digital world, time management is more critical than ever.

2. Accountability

With flexibility comes accountability. During the program, you will realize that you are responsible not just for your daily work, but also for your career trajectory. Both internally and externally, the HTM Master’s Program will teach you what accountability really means.

3. Personal and Professional Development

Since graduating from the Master’s Program, I feel like I need to read a book a week—or at least two books a month—just to grow and discover what I don’t know. The Capstone Project at the end of the program is particularly impactful. Empowering you with the confidence to create positive change, the Capstone mindset carries into your career long after the project is over. Leaders are lifelong learners, and the HTM network is a truly amazing group of colleagues and mentors to bounce ideas off of.

4. Sustainability

Course 682, Sustainability in Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Organizations is enlightening because it gives practical meaning to “going green.” After taking this course, sustainability is less of a buzzword and more of an action item to incorporate into everything you do. The most eco-friendly companies don’t just participate in sustainable practices; they envision and engineer them.

5. Leadership

At the end of the day, all of the above boils down to leadership. More than anything else, the HTM Master’s Program will make you a confident and capable leader by every definition of the word. Whether you’re looking to make yourself more attractive to employers, more promotable in your current organization, or more equipped for a career change into hospitality and tourism, the faculty at SDSU will tailor the program to your goals and help you mold the rewarding career you envision for yourself. See how the HTM Master’s Program can change your life.


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