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Why Hospitality & Tourism are Hot Career Picks for 2017

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February 9, 2017

By: Carl Winston

Have you hit a career roadblock? Does the thought of working in a cubicle for the rest of your life terrify you? Making a career change is a big decision, but it’s better than staying in a job that doesn’t inspire you. If you’re looking for the New Year to bring new beginnings, consider pursuing a career in hospitality and tourism. Here’s what to love about our industry:

Perks That Never Get Old

Restaurant and hotel jobs offer discounts that enrich your life, from food and beverages to lodging, travel, and special events. Oftentimes, you can even use your employee perks with friends and family. And, when a major event comes to town—such as Comic-Con in San Diego, for example—you have inside access to the excitement.

Travel for Work

When you travel, do you find yourself intrigued at the thought of living somewhere new? Most large companies in hospitality and tourism encourage internal transfers nationally and internationally, because they help maximize the impact of top performers. If you take the initiative, you could be paid to move and live in different cities.

Follow the Money

Hospitality is a trailing economic indicator, meaning it thrives when the economy is doing well. With both business and vacation travel booming, hospitality jobs look to be aplenty for the foreseeable future.

Remote Sales Roles

For those who prefer to work off-site, don’t sleep on hospitality and tourism sales. The majority of jobs in these industries are indeed on-site in hotels, restaurants, or corporate headquarters. But, locations for sales roles are often more flexible, with plenty of opportunity for travel and internal transfers.

Keeping up with Disruptive Technologies

Millennials have a distinct advantage in the workforce because they understand social media, the sharing economy, and other new developments in technology. Hospitality and tourism brands are constantly looking for the best and brightest to be the minds behind pricing, marketing strategy, business development, and just about every other area of hotel or restaurant operations.

Vast Leadership Opportunities

You’ve heard of the “career ladder,” but what about a career escalator? It’s not uncommon for someone working in a hotel, restaurant, or events venue to see a rapid rise from hourly wage to management and, eventually, into six-figure earnings. It just takes dedication and a desire to become a leader.

If any or all of the above sound like the type of career you’re looking for, I encourage you to learn a little more about the Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM) Master’s Program here at SDSU. Our program builds confident, capable leaders and can equip you with the industry-specific knowledge needed to take the leap into hospitality and tourism. Click here for more information.

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