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SDSU HTM Edge News

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June 13, 2017

How to Become an Innovator

By: Jimbo Roit The word “innovation” is so overused in today’s world that its meaning is on the verge of extinction. Fortunately, we can recover the core principles by thinking in terms of innovators—the people who make things happen—rather than innovations, which are simply the results of innovators’ successes. Some innovators have an innate flair

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Career life

June 9, 2017

Find Work-Life Balance in Hospitality and Tourism

By: Ann Marie Kimble Work-life balance doesn’t have to be so elusive. Even with work emails and job responsibilities seeping into our daily lives, you can still manage to excel at work while finding time for family and hobbies. The hospitality and tourism industry, in particular, offers many gateways to the work-life balance you might

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Business meeting

June 6, 2017

5 BIG Steps on the Path to Senior Leadership

By: Ky Snyder Do you aspire to climb the ladder to senior leadership? A C-level position in hospitality and tourism can be surprisingly attainable if you build your career the right way. However, becoming a senior manager or executive requires more than simply “putting the time in.” Here are a few steps you can take

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