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6 Ways the HTM Master’s Program is Made for Working Professionals

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October 6, 2017

By: Mary King

You shouldn’t have to uproot your career in order to pursue a master’s degree. The Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM) Master’s Program at San Diego State University is designed for busy working professionals to be able to take in stride with their current responsibilities, rather than having to “take a step back to take a step forward.” Here are just a few of the ways the program is catered to your needs. 

Flexible Schedule

With the exception of the first and last week on SDSU’s beautiful campus, the HTM Master’s Program is entirely online and remote. You can set your own schedule for completing the coursework each week, and the instructors will work with you to overcome any challenges or life events that might arise. I pressed pause on the program for a year to have my third child. When I was ready to return, I was able to rejoin the next cohort and pick up right where I had left off.

Manageable Workload

The thought of getting a master’s degree might stir images of studying for hours on end, staying up all night to write a paper, or “cramming” before a test. The HTM Master’s Program is not like that at all. The workflow is extremely reasonable at roughly 10-12 hours per week (again, on your schedule). The video lectures are bite-sized, and there is absolutely no “busy work.”

Engaging Lectures

One of my favorite things about the HTM Master’s Program is that the lectures are delivered more in the form of a conversation than a traditional lecture. The professors don’t just present the material; they personalize it to the students in the current cohort and give real-world context to everything they share. The upbeat lecture style makes it easy to focus and process the course content.

Applied Learning

Everything you read and discuss in the HTM Master’s coursework is directly related to situations you will encounter in your career and in life. The assignments encourage you to take what you’ve learned and apply it to your current job, propelling your professional development and creating organic opportunities to make yourself more promotable.


Every great leader in history was mentored by another great leader or someone they looked up to. Jeff Campbell, HTM Master’s Program Director and an active mentor to business leaders throughout the San Diego community, wrote a fantastic article on the importance of mentorship and finding the right match. The HTM Master’s Program does the latter for you and connects you to a mentor to bounce ideas off of, get advice from, and build a lasting relationship with. You can learn more about the program’s mentorship matchmaking here.

The Capstone Project

The HTM Master’s Program culminates with a Capstone Project in which you develop and implement an organizational change. The Capstone is perhaps the most valuable piece of the program, because it positions you as a leader within your current organization. HTM Master’s alum Adam Edelman aptly describes it as a “career launchpad.” My Capstone Project actually led the company I was working part-time for to hire me as a full-time contractor in charge of implementing the changes I had outlined—couldn’t have drawn it up any better!

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