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Making Any Place a Safe Space to Work and Build Confidence

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March 13, 2018

By: Sylwia Stetz

Whether you work at a desk, at home, on the go or in a combination of all the above, it can be difficult to find and maintain your peak productivity. Particularly in hospitality and tourism, the constant motion challenges us to create our own “zone,” wherever we may be and with whatever might be going on around us.

While some settings are naturally more manageable than others, the “safe space” we all seek is more in our minds than in our surroundings. We create it ourselves and have the ability to take it with us wherever we go. Walk into any coffee shop and you’ll see people settled into a communal, transactional space as if it were their own workstation. How do we attain that level of focus, comfort and confidence? 


When we’re exposed to a new experience – such as starting a new job or joining a master’s program – the first thing we do is feel out the physical space. Once we know where things are and how they operate, we can begin to acclimatize to the atmosphere. That usually means identifying the right people to contact for certain needs or questions, adapting to the culture, and establishing a routine. The Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) Master’s Program at San Diego State University makes it very easy to familiarize by hosting the first week of its online program on campus at SDSU, so everyone can share an actual classroom before entering the virtual classroom. The final week of the program is on campus as well, bringing the experience full circle. 


Too many people in business resort to picking and choosing which tasks they complete. They assume they’re too busy to do everything and must therefore ignore certain engagements, some of which might represent fantastic opportunities or career-advancing connections. Instead of always feeling maxed out with work, you can prioritize undertakings over the short and long term to be able to accomplish more with less stress. I decided from the start that completing the HTM Master’s Program was going to be a top priority, and planned my days accordingly. Knowing what mattered to me made it easy to find the time to watch the videos, keep up with the reading and complete the Capstone.


Prioritizing will naturally lead you to better organization, which, in turn, enables you to see what’s on the horizon rather than what’s right in front of you. For example, if you’re traveling while taking the HTM Master’s Program, you can download the materials prior, in case you’re stuck without Wi-Fi. Work offline, and upload your assignments when you’re back online. The program is flexible enough for you to match up the deadlines to your schedule. All you have to do is plan ahead! 

Truly Connect

As much as our minds design our own idea of safety, it’s the minds of others that lead us to fulfillment, happiness and success. The HTM Master’s Program is the most welcoming, supportive arena you will ever step into. You can expand your network, become a better leader and pursue your goals – all at once. Learn more here, and don’t hesitate to contact the program directors. They will make the time to help you decide whether a master’s degree in hospitality and tourism is right for you.

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