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MPI WEC 2019: Data Driven Event Design

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May 31, 2019

Session Title: Data Driven Event Design

Date: June 17th

Time 8:00 – 9:00a.m.

In today’s world, we have no shortage of data or tools to capture it. However, we consistently see events planned without leveraging data. Data is a powerful tool to manage stakeholders and influence decisions. It is also key to defining the success of events. During this session participants will learn about data and that tools that capture it from the perspective of multiple meeting stakeholders including the C-Suite, Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR, and more. We will introduce an academic tool to be used throughout the whole lifecycle of your events to ensure you and your stakeholders are taken full advantage of the data available to make strategic decisions and measure your results. To conclude the session, participants will take part in a real-life case study that allows participants to practice using the tool together on their own events. This session will give you a sneak peek at the education offered in the Master’s degree program in Meeting and Event Management launching in 2019 through the partnership between MPI Academy and the San Diego State University School of Tourism and Hospitality Management program.

This is a course preview of HTM 791: Data Driven Decision Making in Meetings & Events.

Presenters: Carl Winston &Tracy Judge

Directed reading and analysis of textual materials designed as a rigorous course for deeper understanding of the theoretical foundations in leadership and management in Meetings & Events. This course assesses student’s ability to integrate knowledge of the discipline, show critical and independent thinking, and demonstrate mastery of the subject matter.

We have a few spots open for Cohort 1 of the Masters’ in Meetings & Events.  Deadline to apply is July 1.  Apply today!

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