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#1 Become A Better Leader

Our programs are focused on personal leadership development that is applicable to any industry!

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#2 Expand Your Network (& continued network support after graduation)

This is your direct access to some of the top organizations and leaders in the hospitality & tourism and meeting & event management industries all around the country.

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#3 Gain A Mentor

We pair every student with a mentor for hands-on advice and real world coaching through 1-on-1 mentorship.

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#4 Enjoy Flexible Online Courses

All of our students have busy lives full of work, family and friends. We ensure our classes are flexible so you can get your master’s degree.

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#5 Experience Real World Projects and Lecturers

Coursework is directly applicable to your current or future career.

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#6 Get Personalized Instruction

There is nothing “boxed” or “cookie cutter” about our lectures! Each week you get a new lecture from your professor with you in mind.

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#7 Attend from Where You Are Now

We have had students from all over the world get their Masters degree at HTM. Our program only requires you to be on-campus in San Diego for one week in the beginning of the program and one week at the end, so we have students attend from all over the world.

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#8 Get More for Less

While many masters programs can run $80,000-120,000, the San Diego State University master’s programs come in around $30,000 for the entire program. With financial aid readily available, our students are excited about the investment they are making in themselves and their future.

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#9 Just 18-Months and No Thesis Required

The program takes just 18 months to complete and there is no thesis required. Instead, the program focuses on an in-company project that gives you the opportunity to do something innovative.

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#10 Change Your Life

Whether you are looking to improve your leadership, advance in your current career, change careers or expand your network – our master’s programs are deigned to help you transform your life for the better. What are you waiting for?

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