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HTM 651—Financial Analysis in HTM

Building company valuations through balanced financial management and leadership—leading cross-functional teams toward financial performance optimization.

This course is designed to help the student prepare to lead hospitality companies—at any level—toward superior financial performance. By the course’s completion, students will be able to analyze financial data, craft imaginative solutions to identified problems, pro-actively capture business opportunities, and be able to fully involve the other members of their organizations in the effort. The major financial statements and operations will be the focus of much of the content but market-proven leadership and analytical techniques will also be a key part of the course curriculum. Students will be expected to successfully complete individual and team case assignments and exercises as well as pass periodic quizzes and examinations. A final team Due Diligence case will be the focus of the final week of the course.

Course Learning Objectives

  1. Analyze the financial structure and operational behavior of companies in multiple hospitality industry segments. Determine the changes and go-forward strategies that will optimize their performance. Demonstrate this grasp of content via successful completion of the team Due Diligence project.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to analyze corporate financial statements and reports as components of a complex system. Explain the nature of the interaction between the parts and the whole within an operating business in the hospitality industry.
  3. Articulate the value of an effective system of metrics for monitoring the financial performance of a 21st century hospitality business and demonstrate the ability to design such a system for a professional employer.
  4. Grasp, articulate, and demonstrate effective command of the concepts of revenue, productivity, and gross margin management. Exhibit the ability to craft and execute revenue, productivity and gross margin management strategies in a hospitality environment.
  5. Demonstrate a firm grasp of the leadership behaviors that effective hospitality executives must deploy and model in order to produce superior financial performance on a sustainable basis.

(3 units)