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HTM 655—21st Century Marketing

The creation of marketing strategies and plans, which optimize the blend of the newest techniques and tools with those that have proven effectiveness over decades.

Course Learning Objectives

  1. Articulate key concepts, strategies, tactics and techniques utilized by marketing professionals in the hospitality and tourism management field.
  2. Describe and explain the complex relationship between direct and indirect variables for performing a marketing performance evaluation.
  3. Explicate the conceptual and theoretical as well as practical ways that hospitality and tourism marketing reflect and inform the fast-growing sub-field of services marketing.
  4. Identify key arguments about the reliability and validity of utilizing established marketing practices in the US when applying marketing strategies and techniques in other cultural and international contexts.
  5. Evaluate the arguments made for using social media to optimize performance in increasingly competitive conditions.
  6. Recognize the traditional ways marketing departments have looked at the concept of creating profitability and the ways in which services marketing professionals have balanced economic and corporate development goals.

(3 units)