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HTM 680—Mastering Technology

An examination of today’s technology—revenue and expense management systems, performance management systems and metrics, social media and the Internet, and more.

Course Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the history of the uses and impact of technology in the major segments of the hospitality, tourism, and recreation industry; identify and analyze the flow of information within an HTM system.
  2. Comprehend, recognize and describe the dynamics of enterprise information systems in the hospitality industry, their capabilities and vulnerabilities. Grasp the return economics of information systems and other technologies as a tool in their evaluation.
  3. Describe and define performance management systems and techniques for structuring a performance metrics monitoring system within a hospitality, tourism, or recreation business or organization.
  4. Compare and contrast state of the art systems that support the key functions in the hospitality environment including real estate/site selection, operations engineering, project management, and human resource functions.
  5. Describe the evolution and current status of the Internet and the multiple tools and techniques used by the hospitality industry, including social media, to exploit that technology to improve business performance.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to organize available technological tools and techniques into an Information Systems Strategy and Program for implementation into a hospitality, tourism, or recreation operation.


(3 units)