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HTM 682—Sustainability in Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Organizations

The evaluation of sustainability as a preferred future for HTM—planning for sustainable operations in food and beverage, marketing, accreditation, and certification with a look to future trends and alternative directions.

Course Learning Objectives

  1. Synthesize the historical origins of the sustainability movement in the context of contemporary business practices.
  2. Explain and evaluate elements of sustainable tourism planning and operations management as they apply to a specific hospitality, tourism, or recreation enterprise.
  3. Develop appropriate metrics and measures of sustainable environmental, social/cultural, and economic performance.
  4. Incorporate principles of socially responsible marketing to effectively communicate sustainability messages both within a specific organization, and to its broader community of stakeholders.
  5. Analyze, evaluate, and critique a range of green labelling and accreditation schemes in hospitality, tourism, and recreation settings.
  6. Conduct and report a sustainability audit of a specific hospitality, tourism, or recreation business.
  7. Choose appropriate organizational goals incorporating sustainability concepts and apply them to a variety of hospitality, tourism, and recreation organizations.


(2 units)