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Hospitality & Tourism Management Course Descriptions

HTM Program Courses (30 units) 

The HTM Master’s program is designed to give you an edge over your competitors in the hospitality industry. You will emerge as a confident hospitality leader ready to tackle executive-level problems with ease. Advance your career with a personalized program that is affordable, flexible and focused on your growth and development as an entrepreneur.

Course Descriptions

HTM 601 – On Campus Week # 1

What is the HTM program all about? This is a weeklong on-campus orientation dedicated to answering that very question. You will get a glimpse at what lies ahead in the program, undergo multiple personal assessments to help map out where your leadership skills currently are versus where you want them to be, and begin to craft a your own Leadership Development Plan. You’ll also be bonding with your fellow Cohort mates while participating in sailboat races on San Diego Harbor. This course will set the tone and the platform for your 18-month journey towards becoming a more effective leader…and a true “Master.”(3 units)

HTM 602
Essential Reading Part I

Instead of building a class with textbooks featuring hypothetical theories on leadership and business, we decided to build a readings course around the kind of books currently being shared by C-level executives with each other. The reading list for this course includes some of the best books out there on business, leadership, complex systems, innovation, and change management. Previous students will tell you that this course connects them to the pulse of what is happening now and what is coming down the road in the world of business and leadership. It is also one of our most stimulating – and shared – intellectual experiences.(3 units)

HTM 651
Financial Analysis in HTM

You cannot become an effective leader and make key decisions in any organization without being able to analyze and draw conclusions from financial data. You don’t have to be a CPA to discern the “story” the numbers are telling you…and that’s reflected in our approach to the material. We help you connect the dots between the formal financial statements and the performance of the business while sharing useful tips and intelligent practices for managing a firm’s financial performance that are the product of long experience in the marketplace. (3 units)

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HTM 653
Leading in Complex Human Systems

What does it take to be a successful leader – particularly in times of rapid change, new competition, and increasing complexity? This course will explore how to handle one of the most difficult aspects of leadership: human relationships. You will perform an audit of the culture of your own organization to determine what makes it tick and how one might go about improving it. You will also continue the process – begun during your initial On Campus Week – to design and set the groundwork for your Capstone Project (see below).  (4 units)

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HTM 655
21st Century Marketing

The world of marketing has undergone dramatic changes since the days of Mad Men and The Man In The Grey Flannel Suit. In this course, you’ll learn how to craft an effective marketing and branding program using the best of the new tools and techniques but without abandoning those tried-and-true principles that have proven themselves over nearly a century. Special attention will be paid to driving innovation and change within an existing brand.  (3 units)

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HTM 680
Mastering Technology in Hospitality & Tourism Operations

This course will help to demystify and render useful seemingly complex analytical methods and tools and the emerging uses and potential of “big data.” You will walk away from this course with the ability to find, extract, and make actionable information out of the mountain of raw data available within a company and then use that information to drive your strategic decision-making. (3 units)

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HTM 682
Sustainability in Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Organizations

Going “green” is a hot topic in the hospitality and tourism industry these days. Companies without a plan to create sustainably based operations are losing business to their more eco-conscious rivals. In this course, you will audit a specific hospitality business and create a list of goals and initiatives that will enable them to move toward more sustainable operations.  (2 units)

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HTM 690
Systems Problem Resolution

This is the centerpiece of the Master’s curriculum. You will be asked to begin thinking about it before you even register for your first course and you will hit top gear on it during your second summer in the program. The ability to lead a company through challenging change and/or innovation programs is likely to be one of the big difference makers for those who will rise to the top of the 21st century organization. In this 12-week period, you will finally execute an In-Company Project that will make material positive impact on your firm. (3 units)

HTM 790
Essential Reading Part II

Our first readings course offers specific parameters to guide students toward focusing on various leadership issues. In this second readings course, we offer broad guidelines to provide students greater latitude to explore the material in a more personalized manner based on each individual’s leadership aspirations. This approach recognizes the advanced standing of students at this stage of the Master’s program. The book selection itself is somewhat “out of the box” in the way it offers broad lessons for leaders in the 21st Century. Students frequently make direct use of these readings (and the first set of books) as they pursue their Capstone Projects. Both readings courses, and the leadership lessons learned along the way, are recapped during On Campus Week # 2 (see below). HTM 790 is offered Credit/No Credit only. (3 units)

HTM 780 – On Campus Week # 2

All of your hard work over the duration of the program will culminate in a one-week recap of the major things you’ve learned – including a team project for which you’ll present a solution on your final day to a panel of Faculty and industry experts. You’ll also get a chance to network with program alumni and members of the next Cohort and enjoy a high-energy Graduation Reception on your final evening. (3 units)

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