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Why Mentors Matter

As an HTM student, you will be paired with a mentor who is fully invested in your success as a hospitality leader. Your relationship with your mentor is one of the most valuable resources that the HTM program has to offer. This will be the first step in creating a meaningful, professional connection with someone who has years of experience to share. Whether you need someone to bounce ideas off of or provide hindsight from their own failures and successes, your mentor will become an invaluable asset.

The HTM program provides all the tools and resources you need to foster a working relationship with your mentor, but you will be encouraged to take the lead on interaction. Mentors are strategically paired with students to foster the most productive working relationship possible. Your mentor will be your figurative (or literal) shoulder to cry on, and will cheer you on every step of the way. Having a team of world-class instructors and a program mentor devoted to helping you reach your career goals, is just one reason why HTM students have found such huge success upon program completion.