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Jeff Campbell

final_0026Program Director

HTM Master’s
Instructor (Financial Management and 21st Century Marketing)

My Involvement:

I am not only the co-founder and Director of the program, I also teach two Master’s courses: Financial Management (HTM 651) and 21st Century Marketing (HTM 655).

My Background:

I am the former Chairman and CEO of Burger King Corporation and Senior Vice President of the Pepsi-Cola Company. I have been teaching in the SDSU undergraduate Hospitality program for nine years and am Vice Chairman of San Diego’s Chairmen’s Roundtable, a non-profit group of senior executives who mentor local CEO’s and entrepreneurs free of charge as a way of giving back to the community.

What I Like Best About The HTM Master’s Program:

The HTM Master’s program is all about helping working professionals achieve even greater professional – and personal – success. In the process, we simultaneously become their friends as well as their teachers. It’s a powerful combination.

Fun Facts About Jeff:

1. Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,341 feet) in 1986; attempted summit of Cotopaxi in
Ecuador (19,347 feet) in 1997. Those last six feet were the hardest!

2. Twice participated in the Catalina-Newport Outrigger Canoe Race.

3. Working on a non-fiction book on Leadership and my second novel.

4. Had the best birthday present ever last May: A new grandson!

5. Married to my wife, Ellen, for 45 years this coming November. We met at a
Madison Avenue (NY) ad agency in 1970.

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