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Jess Ponting

photo of jessJess Ponting

Associate Professor. Director, Center for Surf Research

What is your involvement in the program? I teach the sustainability class in the program. This involves students understanding sustainability in their specific sector, developing marketing and communications plans around three sustainability initiatives in their workplace.

What is your background? I am an Australian undercover in the US and have lived and worked in sustainable tourism in many different countries. I started as a conservationist, became a community development worker in the less developed world, and now combine these imperatives with the world of hospitality, tourism, and recreation.

What do you like most about the program? (2-3 sentences)
Motivated students and the personalized attention we are able to give them.

5 fun facts about Jess:

I co-founded a business that certifies sustainable surf and snow resorts
I created a sustainable surf travel and study abroad business
I am an avid surfer
I am the father of a beautiful baby girl
I have lived and worked in 5 countries