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Larry Beck

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Larry Beck


I teach HTM 602 and HTM 790 which are the two “Directed Readings” courses.  I conduct discussions during the two on-campus weeks and attend most open house functions to meet new students and catch up with the graduates of the program.

My academic background is a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in the college of Education and Human Development.  I have been a professor at SDSU for more than 30 years and love my work.

What I like most about the program would be the people: the students, the other faculty, our director, Jeff, and Candy!  It is truly a great program and the people involved make it so.  Not only that but I have the opportunity to continually learn through association with all these terrific folks as we explore leadership in HTM.

5 Fun Facts:

1.  I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back in one day

2.  I worked for the National Park Service in Alaska

3.  I have read three different versions (translations) of the Bible

4.  I love craft beer and have explored many of the local breweries

5.  My dog is a white lab and her name is Janey