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Lori Sipe

lori sipe headshotLori J. Sipe, Ph.D., MBA

Assistant Professor

I teach the on campus week one and the leadership class with Mark Testa.  I also guide students through their organizational change projects (690 class)

The best thing about the program is the way students bond and support each other

5 fun facts about Lori:

1. My first job was keeping score by hand for my dad’s bowling league.  I made 10 dollars per night. I was 10 years old.

2. I cry easily over stories of achievement. Underdogs in sports really get me going.

3. I have a terrible sense of direction. Don’t let me lead any hikes. Most drives involve u turns and missed exits.

4. I love blues and funk music – country not so much

5. I still remember when Jess Ponting’s team won the sailing regatta. Biding my time…….