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Meeting & Event Management Course Descriptions

M&E Program Courses 

The Meeting & Event Management master’s program is designed to proactively address the most pressing challenges in your profession. Our curriculum tailors you to be a leader in the Meeting & Events Management industry as you gain next-level knowledge in the field of Meeting & Event Management and connect with industry leaders.

Course Descriptions

HTM 791
Data Driven Decision Making in Meetings & Events

Directed reading and analysis of textual materials designed as a rigorous course for deeper understanding of the theoretical foundations in leadership and management in Meetings & Events. This course assesses student’s ability to integrate knowledge of the discipline, show critical and independent thinking, and demonstrate mastery of the subject matter.

HTM 781
Strategy Development and Critical Analysis in Meetings & Events – Final On-Campus Week

Comprehensive team case study and presentation plus intensive review/reflections on key program material including data analysis, effective teamwork and leadership.

HTM 697
The MentorEDGE Program – Mentoring for M&E Graduate Students

Build leadership skills thru collaboration and mentorship with Meeting and Events Executives. Mentoring empowers students thru this guided, essential experience that allows career development.

HTM 664
Innovation in the Experience Economy

Concepts, techniques, and practices that promote effective analytics for innovation and change management in the Meetings & Events industry. Constructing innovation initiatives to shape an effective communications plan based upon analysis of the relevant stakeholders.

HTM 663
Leading in Complex Human Systems in Meeting and Events

A systems approach to leadership with a focus on self, relationships, and context within the hospitality and tourism industry. Investigates historical and contemporary leadership theory and its application to today’s Meetings & Events operating environment.

HTM 665
Marketing and Communications in Meeting and Events

Contemporary concepts, techniques, and practices that promote effective marketing management in the Meetings & Events profession. Evaluate the dynamic Meeting and Events Industry thru multiple forms of market, guest, competitive, and margin analysis.

HTM 661
Event Economics and Finance

Concepts, techniques, and practices that promote effective financial management in the meetings and events industry. Case studies and projects provide practical application of critical skills.

HTM 602
Directed Readings One – Theoretical Foundations of Leadership and Management

Directed reading and discussion of textual materials designed as an underpinning for future coursework and analytical projects pertaining to leadership and management in the hospitality, tourism, and recreation professions.

HTM 601 – On Campus Week #1 –
Leadership HTM “Boot Camp Experience”

Concepts, theories, and techniques of leadership as applied to hospitality, tourism, and recreation organizations, and businesses. Experience in teamwork, interpersonal networks, managing change and conflict, controlling environmental factors.

HTM 690 – On Campus Week #2 –
The Organizational Transformation Project – Masters Capstone Experience

Project oriented course on solving real problems in hospitality, tourism, and recreation organizations and businesses.